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Walk Within The Walls of
Windmill Lane

Take a guided walk through one of the most famous recording studios in the world, which has been home to acts such as U2, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Van Morrison, R.E.M and Lady Gaga!

Whether you are a music fan visiting Dublin on holiday, or want to explore a hidden treasure in your own hometown, getting a taste of the musical history within our walls should be high on your list!

Simply contact us now to arrange a day/time to visit the studios or ask any further questions about our private studio walk-through tours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the studio still fully operational?

Yes! We are Ireland’s most renowned studios and have a mixture of the biggest artists in the world and up-and-coming acts coming through our doors regularly to record in our 3 world-class studios.

How can I book a time to visit?

You can book in a day/time to visit the studios by using the Enquiry Form below or phone us on +353 (0)1 668 5567. You will receive a response from the studio to confirm your visit.

We encourage visitors to contact us within 5-days of when they would like to visit the studios, as we are not able to reserve time for tours outside of 5-days due to the fact that studio recordings can be booked in at short notice and will always take precedence.

Please note, due to the nature of being a professional operating recording studio, times/dates given for studio tours can be changed with short notice but we always try to accomodate visitors on the day/time they request.

Do not show up unannounced at the studios, as we are not be able to show people around the studio if they have not been allocated a day/time to visit us.

Where are the studios located?

The Windmill Lane Recording Studios are located at 20 Ringsend Rd., Dublin 4. You can contact us via email using the Enquiry Form below or phone us on +353 (0)1 668 5567.

How long is a typical tour?

Depending on how many of the 3 studios are available, the studio walk-through tours can take between 15-30 mins, including time to take photos.

How many can attend a private tour?

Maximum group size 10 people.

What are the costs?

The studio walk-through tours are free, but you must have pre-arranged with the studios to attend. Please do not arrive to the studios looking for a private tour without having spoken to us first.

Is there any studio memorabilia available?

Yes! We have a merchandise section of the tour, where you can purchase exclusive Windmill Lane Recording Studio hoodies, tee shorts, bags and mugs! You can visit our online shop now by clicking here to view and pre-purchase studio items.

Musical history.
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