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Studio Services

Here at Windmill Lane Recording Studios™, we offer a wide range of recording services, combined with a team of passionate and experienced audio professionals. Our setup is flexible, ensuring that whatever your recording needs, we have a studio environment uniquely suited to you.

So simply contact us below and we can discuss the specifics of your project.


We can accommodate just about any size recording your project requires. We work with rock bands, jazz ensembles, string sections, gospel choirs, and everything else in between.


If you require production help on your next project, our specialised in-house team of producers and engineers are on hand to ensure it is developed to the highest professional standards.


Mastering is the last step to create the perfect track. Here at Windmill Lane Recording Studios, we utilize the highest quality analogue and digital equipment to ensure your track realises its full potential.


Whether you want to mix on our SSL G-Series or Neve VR Legend consoles, you will find our studios to be the perfect location. Every mix requires a different approach and our team are on hand to provide professional mixing services.

Post Production

Our Surround-Sound Studio provides the ideal location for Post Production and ADR work, with a 5.1 Surround-Sound Genelec system and Pro Tools HDX. Our facilities can cater for all audio and film/visual projects.

Voice Over

Achieve high quality voice over recordings, using our state of the art equipment and comfortable surroundings. Our engineers are on hand to ensure you get the best results from your voice over artists.


Whether you want to film a stripped back live performance or create a fully dressed set, our studio complex offers the perfect location. We can advise on suitable production companies to shoot your video.

Musician Hire

No other studio has better contacts in the Irish music industry than Windmill Lane. If you require session musicians for your next recording project, we can ensure the highest standard of players.

Event Hire

Need a location to create lasting memories for your event? Our legendary Studio One and Studio Two spaces can be adapted to suit a variety of private/corporate events and live performances.

At the Heart of Recording in Ireland. Since 1978.

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