This advanced course has been developed for experienced composers and music producers, who are  looking to deepen their mixing skills and learn more about the tricks of the trade. It’s ideal for those who are mixing their own compositions for professional or commercial release.

This short course will help you to strengthen your mixing skills in a hands-on manner – working in collaboration with the course tutors and other participants over an intense but highly enjoyable three week period.

All classes are held at the iconic Windmill Lane Recording Studios, where you’ll get unique access to state-of-the-art mixing consoles, mixing software and studio facilities. And you’ll be learning from industry experts who have successful careers in the industry and who have worked with world-class artists.

We’ll explore how to work with different genres and we’ll share the mixing techniques used by some of the very best producers in the business. You’ll work with professional multitrack recordings and we’ll show you how to work through advanced workflows – to produce great music. The course covers both mixing “in the box” and the use of summing stems on SSL and Neve consoles.

The course content has been devised as a collaboration between the management teams at Windmill Lane Recording Studios and the leading educators in music production – Pulse College.

Course Content

If you’re ready to up-your-game in terms of mixing music and you want to upskill through a practical, industry-led course – Pro Mixing Techniques is the perfect course…

Who is it for?

It’s likely that you will either have industry experience and/or have a relevant qualification as a certain level of expertise in mixing music is required. So you will probably already be working as a composer or producer.

However there is no formal academic accreditation awarded on completion of the course, which enables us to focus purely on upskilling participants in the techniques that are relevant to current, real-world projects.

What will you achieve?

When you complete Pro Mixing Techniques you will;

  • Strengthen your mixing skills and deepen your understanding of the latest techniques
  • Experience mixing “in the box” & with summing stems on SSL & Neve consoles
  • Be comfortable managing complex workflows and working with different music genres
  • Learn how to get your music out there - through multimedia distribution

Detailed Course Content


  • Creating Textures, Movement & Depth
  • Workflows for Large Mixes
    Problem Solving (Fixing timing & tuning)
  • Multiband Compression, Bus Comp. Parallel Comp.
  • Stems & Summing Mixes
  • Drum Enhancement/Replacement
  • Transient Control
  • Multiband Compression, Bus Comp. Parallel Comp.
  • Delivery formats for multimedia distribution

Course Start Dates

Saturdays 11am to 5pm

July 14th, 21st, 28th


Total Cost: €460

Deposit: €100
Balance: €360 (payable at the start of the course)

Please note: This course is in partnership with Pulse College. You will be taken to the Pulse College website to complete your application.
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