If you love to experiment mixing music and/or you’re enthusiastic about learning the basics – this is the course for you. This short course will help you to upskill in a practical, fun way – without any academic pressures.

There’s probably no better place to learn how to mix music than at the fab and famous Windmill Lane Recording Studios. Not only will you have access to world-class facilities, but you’ll also be able to learn from industry experts, working successfully in the music business.

We’ll introduce you to all the fundamentals you need to know to grow your mixing skills – how to setup, work with professional multi-track recordings and on industry-leading consoles, work with a variety of genres, how to mix different instruments and vocals – all the essentials that’ll help you work towards that perfect mix.

The course has been developed as a partnership between the Directors of the iconic Windmill Lane Recording Studios and the innovative educators at Pulse College.

Course Content

Commit to “Mixing Essentials” and get ready to mix it up with some of the very best teachers in the business…

Who is it for?

This is the perfect course for those who want an introduction to all the basic skills and technologies that are needed to mix music effectively. It’s a great opportunity for those who who simply love to mix music as a hobby and want to learn more or maybe you’re looking into a career in the music industry and this is a hands-on way to study mixing skills.

The good news is that you don’t have to have any qualifications to take this course and there is no academic certification given on completion of “Mixing Essentials”. But you’ll need to be keen to learn and be happy to collaborate with other participants and your lecturers.

What will you achieve?

When you complete Mixing Essentials you will;

  • Understand all the basic skills and technologies involved in mixing music
  • Have experience of mixing “in the box” & with summing stems on SSL & Neve consoles
  • Appreciate the key considerations in working with different music genres
  • Know about the opportunities to further advance your mixing skills

Detailed Course Content


  • Mix setup
  • Concepts of Height, Width, Depth,
  • Masking - using filters to create sonic boxes
  • Dynamics control
  • Using Effects
  • Mixing Drums, Bass & Rhythm (incl. sidechaining)
  • Mixing Guitars & Keys (strings, pads etc)
  • Mixing Vocals
  • Final mix & Automation

Further Progression

Course Start Dates

Saturdays 11am to 5pm

May 26th / June 9th & 16th


Total Cost: €460

Deposit: €100
Balance: €360 (payable at the start of the course)

Please note: This course is in partnership with Pulse College. You will be taken to the Pulse College website to complete your application.
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