You love your electronic music, right? And you’re keen to learn how to create your own electronic magic, and you’d like some training? If you tick these boxes, then this short course is the perfect choice. It’s designed to introduce you to the skills and the tech you need to kick your productions to the next level.

You’ll be inspired by your surroundings too, as the course is run at the legendary Windmill Lane Recording Studios, where so many top artists have made incredible music. And you’ll be given access to the cutting-edge equipment used at the studios, under the guidance of some of the best educators and practitioners in the business.

We’ll explain all the basics involved in creating and mixing beats and you’ll get hands-on experience, working in a collaborative way, learning from both the lecturers and students. It’s a great way to build industry connections too. 

The course has been devised by the Directors of the iconic Windmill Lane Recording Studios, working in conjunction with the top-rated media lecturers at Pulse College.

Course Content

The electronic music scene is hopping – here’s your chance to join in the fun and follow your passion

Who is it for?

This is the ideal course for electronic music enthusiasts, looking to expand their skillset – to create their own electronic music. It may simply be a way for you to learn more about your favourite hobby or maybe you’re planning to work with electronic music into the future. In either case, this is a great introduction to the tech, processes and creativity involved in making electronic music.

There’s no need to have any qualifications to take this course but you do need to be passionate about electronic music and be ready to learn new skills. It’ll help if you have “good ears” and it’s important that you are happy to collaborate closely with other students and the lecturers as there are a number of interactive workshops. But hey – they’ll be fun!

There is no formal academic accreditation given on completion of “Electronic Music Essentials” but you will be awarded a completion certificate by Pulse College.

What will you achieve?

When you complete Electronic Music Essentials you will;

  • Understand all the basic skills and technologies needed to create electronic music.
  • Learn about the processes involved in producing and mixing electronic music.
  • Understand the different electronic music genres; rock, pop electronic dance music (EDM)
  • Know about the opportunities to further advance your music production skills

Detailed Course Content


  • Setting up your DAW
  • Drum Programming
  • Programming Bass & Melodies/Riffs
  • Chords and song structure
  • Loops, stretching and slicing audio
  • Basic mixing and mastering

Course Start Dates

Saturdays 11am to 5pm

May 26th / June 9th & 16th


Total Cost: €460

Deposit: €100
Balance: €360 (payable at the start of the course)

Please note: This course is in partnership with Pulse College. You will be taken to the Pulse College website to complete your application.
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